Product Care

Leather Care

There are many options available for purchase in the market place to help care for your leather products. We recommend professional cleaning of your jackets.

Protection From Rain & Snow

UDDA jackets are all handmade and finished and it is recommended to avoid rain and snow, or always carry an umbrella because on certain jackets rain drops may mark the finish and are irreversibly. In the event your jacket has been subject to the elements you should allow the jacket to dry naturally hanging away from any heat source, and do not wipe with a cloth.

I Damaged My UDDA Jacket

If you send us back your UDDA jacket we will assess the damage. If we deem it to be a minor repair we will aim to repair the jacket free of charge, if possible or a nominal fee in the first 12 months of purchase. If there is extensive repair required we will contact you with the cost of repair for your approval to continue. If we find the damage is due to bad workmen ship in the first 12 months we will repair free of charge, and provide you with a discount off your next purchase. We will consider refunds on an individual case basis. Shipping will have to be paid by you to and from us.